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Adult Rehabilitation

Adults rehabilitation typically inlcudes individuals whom have a disease or neurological condition that affects the way they communicate, speak, swallow, use their voice, or hear the world around them. These are important processes that occur daily and vital to promote quality of life.  Click below for more information.

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Feeding & Swallow

Feeding & swallowing is a process that is required for survival. Yet sometimes due to a person’s anatomy or physiology of the swallowing muscles, children or adults can have difficulty with this innate process.  Feeding disorders can occur due to a person’s sensory or motor system, food preferences, or learned behaviors.  Click below for more information.

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Speech & Language

Speech & language skills are the developmental milestones most parent’s see during the first years of their child’s life. These milestones improve relationships, bonds, and assist with successful daily interactions.  Some children may not develop their speech and/or language skills at the same rate as other children.  Click below for more information.

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The skilled services we provide will entail a timely, effective, and manageable program to enhance, treat, and rehabilitate individuals, utilizing a conducive environment designed for therapy programs to be obtained. Speech Therapy Services will provide compassionate private care with focused, readily available therapists and staff. Clients will have the flexibility to complete their needed therapy in less or more time.