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Speech Therapy Services Paducah

Speech Therapy Services, located in Paducah, KY  was formed to provide high quality, individualized assessment & treatment along with parent and family education and involvement.  The skilled services we provide will entail a timely, effective, and manageable program to enhance, treat, and rehabilitate individuals, utilizing a conducive environment designed for therapy programs to be obtained.

Speech Therapy Services will provide compassionate private care with more focused readily available therapists and staff. Clients will have the flexibility to complete their needed therapy in less or more time.

Speech Therapy Services provides a one-stop location for a variety of speech language therapy needs.  Our practice was developed to promote the individuals in need of focused speech therapy. We specialize solely on the needs of speech, language, swallowing, voice, and hearing services.  We provide specialized services in the following areas:

Articulation (speech therapy), is the placement of the lips and tongue to produce an accurate and intelligible sound for production of words, phrases, sentences, and conversation. We accept children who may already be getting speech therapy services in the school system. We can assist with decreasing amount of time spent in speech therapy.

Language is the ability to process incoming information and then express, correct sentence structure, proper grammar, and vocabulary, as well as appropriate responses to questions or conversations. Language treatment can be completed with young children for development of skills or with adults after a stroke.

Swallowing is the act of consuming food as well as the feeding process, however these are two disorders that are treated with different approaches. Swallowing disorders occur at one or all of the four stages of the swallow. This can interfere with growth and development, cause dehydration or malnutrition, and lead to more serious conditions that may result in death. Feeding disorders may affect the individual in similar ways, but can also interfere with meal times or eating in public such as a school or a restaurant. (disclosure: eating disorders are not associated with speech therapy services scope of practice, refer to a doctor if you or someone you know has an eating disorder.)

Voice is the use of the vocal cords to produce a sound for production of speech. Voice disorders can be associated with trauma, neurological diseases, vocal abuse, or cancer of the throat. Voice treatment outcomes are measured with less objective tools and include behavioral techniques with more education and training.

Hearing services are offered to help individuals with lip reading, and making compensations for daily life. Refer to an audiologist with concerns for hearing loss and the audiologist may refer you to a speech therapist for improving quality of life.



The rates for treatment can be billed per hour or half hour session. Payment is required after completion of every treatment session. Extra charges will be applied if needed, for any specific client needs. Evaluations can be expected to take an hour and a half direct time with the therapist. The therapist will then develop a plan of care including: diagnosis, treatment prognosis, frequency, duration, short-term and long-term goals, recommended materials, and discharge summary. A discharge follow-up will be completed within thirty days from end of care.