Our Staff

If you are looking for a enthusiastic speech language professional with a fresh mindset, Speech Therapy Services in Paducah, KY is the right choice for you.

Racheal began her career with speech therapy as a child, receiving services for articulation therapy. Racheal never expected she would one day be helping all ages of individuals receive speech and language services to build necessary skills for confidence with communication. Racheal was accepted at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and completed her undergraduate and graduate program over four years. During college, Racheal joined the National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association and was then elected President. During her graduate program, Racheal worked at the SIUC clinical center, the center for autism spectrum disorders, Concord elementary school in Paducah, and  Baptist Health Paducah with in-patients. After graduating with a master’s degree in 2014, she completed her nine-month Clinical Fellowship Year. This is a fellowship that some SLP graduates complete to obtain their Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC’s) from ASHA. Racheal was hired with the company Kindred, RehabCare and worked in a skilled nursing facitily for two years. She then realized it was time to leave and start her own private practice. Racheal also currently works at Barkley nursing home in Paducah, and Massac Memorial Hospital in Metropolis.

Racheal and her husband Drew Gower operate Speech Therapy Services in Paducah. Drew is a certified insurance counselor (CIC) by background. However, he also works as a business manager assisting Racheal with daily operations so she can contain her focus on specialized speech therapy.

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