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Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services, LLC is located at 2855 N Friendship Road in Paducah, KY.  Our office is strategically designed to meet the needs of our patients.  It is extremely important to us that our patients have a comfortable and relaxed environment.

There are two treatment rooms specifically designed with an observation room for viewing the sessions. Therapy programs are designed to be dynamic and functional, utilizing evidence-based practice and current research to improve outcomes. Parents, caregivers, and clients are an integral piece for development of a successful treatment plan.

A multi-purpose room is available for meeting with family and clients to brainstorm ideas, listen to concerns, counsel individuals, or spend time developing treatment goals. Speech Therapy Services expects parents, caregivers, and/or clients to participate in a team meeting during the first or second session. This meeting assists with our approach for developing a plan of care that engages the client, and goes beyond the therapy room.

Speech Therapy Services
Speech Therapy Services Paducah